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That EP SHOW was something right? For all of you who went we are just so thankful. We're still not over it! I don't think we ever will be!! It's a warm memory now stapled to our hearts for eternity! So dramatic right? Well I'm serious!!Thank You! Our favorite part of the EP show was listening to all of our good friends SHOCK, Veil, Afraid Of My Neighbor, and Valkyrie Missile. These bands are super talented, top level amazing in there unique ways. It's always fascinating to hear other bands, it trips me out how young we all are and all the hard work we do in order to spill our hearts on stage. It's something special. EP Show was a blast though, and a lot of you are thinking, "What's next?" Well we've got plenty of shows to tackle for a very long time. Yes out of state touring as well. So we're getting ready, working so hard behind the scenes! Follow us on SnapChat for that "behind the scenes" vibes you'll meet our band mascot Oso who happens to be my one and only fabulous sparkling Golden Retriever. We love him even though he disturbs practices all. the. friggen. time. It's not until I feed him a biscuit with lots of peanut butter that he'll stay away from rehearsal premises. Hahaha! Oh and I'm sure Oso is actually over our EP because he was in the studio sessions and listened to a lot of the recordings, mixes, and blah blah blah. BUT I know it's new to the rest of the world! So with that being said, Grab Your Copy of Evil Eye EP!!!! It's finally here! We worked over a year to make this happen. It was something getting through writer's block too. So yeah perhaps later we can chat about Evil Eye EP itself, and the true meaning behind the titled EP! Listen to the whole thing yourselves! Write A Review! Learn the Songs! Blast it in your car! Sing it so so so friggen loud until Adam's chair turns around "I Want You...this is The Voice!" 


Alright enough is enough, Signing OFF



It's real cold outside and I just finished eating dinner. Since it's the weekend I thought why not pizza? I was able to edit a lot of our YouTube page. Go check it out! But also thought I'd share we are working very hard on our new EP. This EP was will have four songs. The EP is called Evil Eye because we are sure everyone is against negativity. So while there's so much of that going on worldwide we wrote a song about it. Keep your ears ready because we are debating if we should drop EVIL EYE as a single or another one off the EP. If you haven't yet please follow us on Instagram! That APP is so much fun they even added like a snapchat type of vibe. We've got a lot going on in 2017 and simply can NOT WAIT. Luckily it's a little over a month before the New Year. Happy Holidays we love you all, Thank you for even taking the time to read our blog. Stay Warm 



Well, we anticipated a consistent tour in August but it didn't follow through. On the bright side we have killer time to RECORD! Yuzz finally, Finally we've headed back into the studio. We are extremely excited for you guys to hear this EP. So while we're doing that we've got several shows scheduled this Summer. We are pretty excited to meet our following in AZ, and can't wait to meet everyone at OC too. Yes! We are playing the OC Fair we grew up attending this fair, so playing there feels unreal. I'm NUMB. We are NUMB. It doesn't sink in. We will be adding Summer Tour Dates as we go. Following us on social media stuff will keep you in the loop. And Yes, we are finally back on YUP for a limited time we are following back....So this is your time to follow us ...because you're favorite band Society Falls follows back. ;-) 


Hope to see everyone on the road we kick things off Saturday July 16th 2016 at the OC Fair in Costa Mesa California!

Love you all Dearly

Well I'm practicing with Aaron today at my pad! We have been going over new material for the up coming EP and learning new skills on the bass and learning LIKE........ how to SLAP THE BASS!!!!!! because we might just sneak it in a few songs HEHEHEHEHE. Aside from that I was wondering how do others make their songs? Or what they consider a song to themselves? Like for me.... I just sit in my room and play what ever comes to my head and lay it down on the guitar. (thats one way) the other way is playing with others and collaborating. I tend to be a little slower when I play with others...but it depends on the song or how fast it is.. how much energy is put into the song... or how deeply you put your thoughts into a song. But sometimes I know I over think songs....and I believe that you shouldn't over think songs just keep it close to what you originally make. I won't to know how others write their songs! And how others come up with creative ways to make a song and it not be the usual way.... it could be the most oddest way to make a song but I guess thats ok? So please let me know how you make a song ! 

Rock out with your Sock Out !!!!!! RICO 

Whats Up this is the Rico!!!!!! So right now I'm listening to Earth Wind and Fire!!!!! I know this is an older group from back in the day! But these guys knew what they were doing! When I listen to music and think about the craft of playing an instrument. Verdine White wow a great bassist!!! A true raw human being ripping at the bass and laying it down! I really want to be great at all instruments that I touch. Music came natural to me and God gave me a talent not to be wasted. And I have these moments where I find myself learning new ways to play an instrument "in this case the bass" and go deeper into an instrument a piece at a time. The bass is not my main instrument but I love to play it when I can. Especially when I learn new ways to play. If you have any tips for bass let me know! 

Rock out with your Sock Out !!!  -Rico

This is Rico!!!! Im learning how to blog!!!!! Because I never ever blogged in my life! Why I never learned how to blog is because I'm always playing the drums and focused on the music. By the way has anyone heard about our new EP coming out soon!!!!! SPOILER ALERT !!!!!!! HEHEHEHEHE Don't tell Brenda I told you.

But set aside all that WHO IS GOING TO WIN THE SUPER BOWL!!!!!! I PUT MY MONEY ON THE PANTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!! I used to play Football once upon a time!!!! 

Yup but I will start blogging from now on! Lets go play some drums

Rock out with your sock out!!!!

7:-) Rico

On Saturdays occasionally we play acoustic performances on the sides street in downtown Pomona, California. It's been real cold lately so it's hard to play guitar when your hands freeze in like seconds! We've also been busy fundraising for our upcoming EP cycle. We seriously can not wait for that and the upcoming shows for the Summer! Yes I'm talking about a Summer Tour!! All dates will be announced hopefully in April 2016! So everything's obviously pending, but thought I'd let everyone know we are still at it. We're filming tons of behind the scenes footage for y'all to release before the EP. Also, we've recently joined Instagram and Snapchat which is being ran through Rico the drummer. So please search us on and our Snapchat username is societyfalls. See y'all later!! 



So man, i feel like yesterday we booked the Star Wars show and it's almost here! It's actually here in 4 days! If you haven't yet please check out the videos we put together. I know many people would like to attend the movie premiere, but instead avoid crowded movies. Join our friendly crowded event this Friday 12/18 @ Malones Concert Venue! We've got an entire brand new set ready for you. I wanna meet you! Lets hang out, tix are $10.00 links are here on our site. See you there!

So who doesn't like Star Wars? It's been a while since we've blogged. Man so much going on right now. We wish we could tell you already, but we can't. At least not just yet. For sure keep spreading Society Falls for those who know of us will not regret it. Soooo back to Star Wars! We've got an exciting show on Friday December 18th 2015. It's going to rock the booking dude told us we gotta dress up. So now we're all debating. For sure I'm going to be one the princess Duhhhh but Aaron and Rico are debating. Hahaha Rico should be Yoda. Hahaha and Aaron should be the walking carpet. We can't wait for this show it's on a Friday so Yay yeah! It's 21+ sorry for those who aren't 21+ we don't put these rules :( The cost is $10.00 and YOU may dress up as well. So whose coming? Let us know! 

So the string of summer shows that we had were exciting . We have stepped back from pay to play so the outcome was raw. We all work full time and go to school so as much as we would love to do this full time it's been difficult. We are sad but at the same time excited for our last show tomorrow 8-25-15 at the Copper Door in Santa Ana. We are sad because it's our last show of the year. However we are excited because we have bomb projects in the works. We will keep you posted. Please show up to the event 8-25-15 yes it's on a Tuesday night. Keep in mind it is Summer make the best of it! Come join us it is Free!!!

Love, Sfalls

That's right it's 5:55 PST and our show is coming up at 9pm!

We are stoked!! Come join us it's only $5 @ the door 21+ in Hogue Barmichaels in Newport Beach, CA. It's across the street from John Wayne's airport!!! 

hey guys well we have a show coming up on May 9th 2015 and we're pretty excited. it's in Newport Beach and we're excited. We're all about the beach so we can't wait to chill with some waves after the event. bring your friends and have good time with us and the other bands. if you're a musician you must already know how hard we work to simply play on stage for 30-45 min. there's so much **** that goes behind the scenes. however when you all make it to our shows and tell us your sweet words seriously it keeps us going.  we can't wait to see you all again and meet new friends too.

love sfalls 

the show was rad. thank you for everyone who made it out. although I hate to say this but ima be real my mic was giving me issues. it wasn't even my personal mic it belonged to the sound people but the mic kept cutting in and out and some of you were upset for us. it's all good though we made it work we had a fun time. until next time! our next show is on Saturday May 9th 2015 in Newport Beach, CA. Details on our calendar. thanks for the love, we'll see you soon!


sfalls; brenda

hey everyone! after our winter shows we have settled down, and again are scouting for additional members, writing, and shooting a brand new music video for you all. please join us on Saturday May 9th in Newport Beach. We're playing a show with OCML. click on our calendar on your left for details. also many of you have been asking about our instagram. the bands and including brenda's instagram was recently hacked and deleted. it didn't bother us because actuallly there's so many websites now it's not even funny. we've got the facebook, tumblr, youtube, reverbnation, bandpage, twitter, and not to mention instagram. that was a fine website but it was too much anyway, so we are staying away from instagram for a while. if you guys really wanna know the inside scoop please follow us on or here on our website. 

hello everyone! we hope you all had a magical Christmas and a Happy New Years celebration. sorry we haven't posted anything. we have been extremely busy taking care of band bizzz. we had several shows these past few weeks and we had lots of fun. thank you for all the supporters and all the new fans welcome to our sfalls bandwagon. we can't make any legit promises to you all for this year, but we are taking it day by day. Last year we focused so much on gaining new members and sadly that did not work. at least we tried, but that is no longer going to stop us from keeping this ball going. keep your itching ears alive because we have new music in the making. and of course checking our site for upcoming gigs. please don't forget to hang out with us when we play near you. 

Love, Sfalls

society falls is playing on friday december 5th 2014 in fresno, ca. we are super excited we're actually playing with our friends Valkryie Missile. we can't wait for this exciting date and hope to meet new fans in fresno, ca. tickets will be on sale soon. very very soon. we'll keep you posted.



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